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About Us


  • In certain instances and by engaging in early intervention with problem tenants, Bond Law Group is able to provide practical solutions to gain swift recovery of premises without entering the legal eviction process.   


  • The involvement of Bond Law Group as a third party often serves to defuse existing tension and building hostility between the parties and brings to a problem-tenant’s realisation the seriousness of a situation.

  • We have a wealth of knowledge and experience of homelessness law and Local Authority duties towards people that are threatened with being homelessness. We therefore can provide free advice to your tenant in regards to what options are available to them so that they are able to leave before court action.

  • Bond Law Group’s clients receive timely response and service, progress communication, and constructive advice and opinion that carry value in the management of tenancies.

  • In consultation we advise options and devise strategy with each client to bring a problem situation to a definite close and work to obtain the strongest possible Court Orders.

Bond Law Group offer a specialist tenant eviction service, tailor made to provide legal advice for landlords throughout England and Wales. We have over 10 years of legal experience with the process and will take out the frustration for you . We can provide you with free advice on how to evict your tenant and in what case you can serve a Section 21 Notice or Section 8 Notice.

Unfortunately Legal Aid and legal advice from a number of organisations is unavailable for landlords. We are aware that the majority of tenants may be able to access these services for free and therefore make it difficult for a landlord to evict them and could receive legal assistance with prosecuting a landlord who is guilty of illegal eviction. We therefore provide an extremely competitively-priced first class service to help you the landlord.

Your claim in court when necessary can be referred to our network of Solicitors.