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Our Tenant Eviction Services

Pre-Eviction Advisory Letter

The purpose of the Pre-eviction Advisory Letter is to allow the tenant one last opportunity to remedy any problem that you are having with them. For example, the main problem between landlords and tenants is the non-payment of rent.  We could invite your tenant to get up-to-date with their payments or for them to get in touch with us to negotiate repayment of the rent arrears.​

No doubt that you will be aware, ‘rent’ is a priority debt.  There are stronger sanctions for non-payment of priority debts.  A tenant is likely to pay up if there is a threat of eviction.  If the tenant leaves with rent arrears, the debt becomes a non-priority debt hence more difficult to recover.

Possession Notices (section 8 or section 21) from £45

We provide a free case review and will determine and advise you of which type of notice to serve to your tenant.

We will draft and serve the notice on your tenant and ensure that this complies with the legal requirements.

We can serve both notices together in order to later give you the option which notice to rely on for any possession claim.

Accompanied with each notice would be our letter informing your tenant of the implications of non-compliance of the notice.

Court Proceedings - £180 plus disbursements

If your tenant fails to comply with the Notice you will require a possession order to lawfully regain vacant possession of your property.

We can prepare and issue Court proceedings along filing paperwork at Court.  Court representation can be arranged from £90 plus vat.

Your tenants would receive a copy of the claim form from the County Court.  They will have 14 days to file a defence.  The court usually makes an outright possession order without arranging a hearing if you have relied on a section 21 notice (Accelerated Possession Procedure) and there is no legitimate defence.  

The possession order would give your tenant to vacate the property on or before a specific date.

Bailiff Warrant - £70 plus disbursements

If your tenant has not vacated the property by the date mentioned on the possession order, you would have to apply for a bailiff’s warrant.

We will draft and prepare the bailiff application and file the paperwork at Court.  

Your tenant should receive correspondence from the Court advising them of the date and time the warrant is scheduled to be executed.

After Eviction Service - £15

Once you have removed a tenant from your property, we can advise you on the best way to recover monies held under a Deposit Protection Scheme.  Also, where there is a shortfall in the monies owed to you, we can advise you on the enforcement action you can take against the tenant to recover any such shortfall, be it a lump-sum payment or arranging for payments by instalments.